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Free Skype Call Recorder

I found free skype recorder program at It seems good, there are many other programs, but you need to pay for it. This one is free.

Free SQL Injections Scanner

You have likely been tracking the mass SQL Injections that are currently sweeping through the net. Just last night I was shopping on when I noticed they had been injected (they have since fixed their site). HP started to

vBulletin upgraded to Version 3.8.0

Today i upgraded vBulletin on to version Version 3.8.0. Upgrade was easy as normal, just upload new files, run upgrde script. There was some problem with vbseo, it need a patch applied to work.  Still vbseo is not supporting

Google’s New Favicon for 2009

Two days back i noiced changed in Google favicon.ico

FYI Mr Raj thakarey

I know it is not the right time.  but i do have a question to Mr Raj thakarey Where the Hell are you bloody son of soil idiot. Is it all Marathi’s who are fighting against the terrorists in the

RAS Graph & Stats

RAS Graph allow you to monitor internet usage on your PC. It provide details stats. I was using it for many years now.

GTA 2 ERROR: Incorrect version of DirectX

When i start GTA 2, i got error ERROR: Incorrect version of DirectX This was fixed by installing dmusic.dll You can see instructions on how to fix it at online bookmarking allow users to create there own list of links, that can be organized with tags fro easy access. The site is acquired by Yahoo in 2005. See sample book mark at

My PC Hard disk stopped working

Yesterday at 4 AM, my hard disk dead. It happend after i run Map Vidwer software with GTA San Andeas game. Map Viewer start working fine, when i press space bar, it start moving faster through map.  I move arround

SearchStatus Extension for FireFox

SearchStatus is a good extension for FirxFox, it shows Alexa Rank and Google Page Rank of the site you visit at bottom of the browser. When i first switched to FirxFox, i missed alexa tool bar, but found this extension