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My PC Hard disk stopped working

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Yesterday at 4 AM, my hard disk dead. It happend after i run Map Vidwer software with GTA San Andeas game. Map Viewer start working fine, when i press space bar, it start moving faster through map.  I move arround the map some time, then again i press “space bar” on keyboard. It started accessing CD drive, then it shows no response page for some time, then system hang with blue screen.

I tried restarting the PC, it just hang at the initial splash screen before post saying press F2 to enter bios. But pressing F2 in keyboard do nothing, only key that respond is CTRL + ALT + DEL, that reboot the PC.

Next day tech told it is hard drive dead. It was a quick problem, it used to work fine and stopped, not use it is a HDD problem or one caused by the program due to high data read rate on a failing HDD. I had HDD failure on my pc and on servers few times, all the time, it fail show giving time to move the data.

I used to backup my system to another PC on LAN, unfortunately,  i have deleted the backup few days back and installed Linux on that.

The HDD is send to data recovery, since it failed fast, it may be the electronics thing on the HDD.

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