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CM Network Solution Website Design

CM NETWORK SOLUTION provide the certification exams Microsoft, RedHat, Cisco,ITIL in entire Kerala. Main offices are located in Trivandrum, Kollam, Pathanamthitta, Alapuzha Thiruvalla, Kottayam, Ernakulam, Trissur, Calicut and Kannur Template Information Compatible Browsers : Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE 10,


Disable DNS Recursion on Windiows Server

To disable DNS Recursion on Windows Server, login to server via Remote Desktop Connection. Start Microsoft DNS Manager. Right click server name, take property. In Properties panel, go to Advanced tab check Disable recursion and click OK. Now you need


EasyApache 4 talk sides from Dallas cPanel Conference

EasyApache 4 is available in Cpanel servers to install and manage Apache and PHP. EasyApache 3 used to compile Apache/PHP from source. This is time consuming process. With EasyApache 4, Apache and PHP installed with yum. Some of the features


OpenSSH client Vulnerability CVE-2016-0777

OpenSSH client have a critical vlunerability, this allow compromised servers steal your private key. This is because an expeirmental feature in SSH Client, UseRoaming is enabled by default. You can find more about this bug at With latest version,


Sending mail from command line

To debug email servers, you may need to quickly send a test email from command line, then check the logs. You can use mail command to send mail. But you need to fill multiple fields. Here is one line command


Create MySQL User

To create a MySQL user, run Allow Access to all databases If you want to allow new user to have access to all database, run Allow access from Remote Host To allow access from remote host, create user with If


Install Composer

Composer is PHP package manager. Something like npm, pip etc.. used by other languages. To install composer, run Install dependency using composer List Installed Packages Update Packages



Ansible is a DevOps tool, used for managing servers. Ansible allow you to manage multiple servers easily. With ansible playbook, you can automate complex server administration and deployment tasks. Installing Ansible To install Ansible on Ubuntu, run Quick Start We


lftp using active mode for file transfer

By default lftp and ftp use Passive Mode. I had to FTP a file from a server to remote server. Due to firewall settings, i was not able to upload file as FTP session get stuck on This is because

Zoho Mail Logo

How to Setup Custom URL for Zoho Mail in cPanel

You can create your own custom url to access Zoho mail very easily. Configure custom URL as For that you need to add a CNAME record as and point it to Follow the steps to do this