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Cpanel Server Setup

Install Cpanel Install Basic Software On CloudLinux Server, run Cpanel Configuration Set Server Time to UTC Cpanel Server Update Preferences Service Manager Configuration Disable following services



CloudLinux HOW-TOS Installing CloudLinux Update CloudLinux license key CageFS PHP mail not working Uninstall CloudLinux


df: ‘/dev/hugepages’: No such file or directory

On a new installation of CloudLinux 7 server, i got following error when running df -h This was caused due to corrupt /etc/mtab file. It is fixed by deleting the file and making it a symlink to /proc/mounts previously /home


Install MariaDB on Cpanel Server

To install MariaDB on Cpanel Server, go to Then select MairaDB, in this case, i selected MariaDB 10, which is somewhat similar to MySQL 5.6. Select desired version of MySQL/MriaDB. Click Next. On Next page, you get some warning, read


Matrimonial website design

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Downloading files with wget

Featured Image by wget is a command line tool available in most linux distributions used to download files. Install wget To install, wget on CentOS/RHEL/Fedora, run On Ubunu/Debian, run Downloading File Using wget To Download a file using wget,


Find Server Main IP

Many IP scripts require you to white list your sever IP before you can use API. On a server, there can be multiple IP address. But only main IP is used for out going traffic. So you need to find


Update CloudLinux license key

On new server i was using CloudLinux 30 day trail key. To change CloudLinux Licence key, run If you have IP based CloudLinux license, run Example


Setting Time Zone in Ubuntu Server

Setting Time in Cpanel Server To see current Time Zone, run You can also run To set timezone, run It is better set time to UTC if your server is serving visitors from multiple country. To set Time Zone to


CageFS PHP mail not working

On CloudLinux server running sites under CafeFS, one of the customer can’t send email. I created a test PHP script, run on client site. No mail is send out. Nothing in exim mail server log (/var/log/exim_mainlog). I disabled CageFS, mail