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Tail For Windows

tail is very useful utility available in linux servers. It help server admins to monitor server logs. For example to see what is going on with exim on a cpanel server, just run On Windows, until recently, it was hard


Syntax Highlighter plugin not working in WordPress ?

Syntax Highlighter Plugin stopped working after made some modification in WordPress blog. I tried by changing the theme to different one and it worked. Yesterday I removed some unwanted codes from footer file. So I checked the themes/footer.php file and


How to reduce the height of Bootstrap Navbar

I have added two Bootstrap navbars in WHMCS – Main Menu and Sub Menu and reduced the height of the Sub Menu by modifying header.tpl and custom.css file. Check the screenshot below Do you know Bootstrap 3.0 by default has


Securing your site configurations file

It is always better to move your web site configuration file outside of document root. This is because if server have an error, this can happen during server upgrades, your configuration files may become view able as plain text or


updatedb high io usage

updatedb command is part of package mlocate, it is used to create list of files, so you can use locate command to find files faster. On most servers this not not required as you don’t find files that often and


Redirect to

By default most sites allow and It is better to select one of the url you want and stay with it instead of using both URLs for same web site. It is better to use URL with www


Can’t connect to WordPress using Windows Live Writer

Getting the following error when I try to connect the WordPress blog with Windows Live Writer Can’t connect to your blog service. Network connection error- Error attempting to connect blog at http:/ Moved permanently : Moved permanently Please try fixing


How to disable mod_security for one of your domains in cPanel

Mod_security is an apache module that helps to protect your website from various attacks. It is used to block commonly known exploits by use of regular expressions and rule sets and is enabled on all HostOnNet servers by default. In


Remove Typed URL from Google Chrome

To remove Typed URL from Google Chrome (or Chromium) address bar. Type part of the url in address bar, so you get all list of all previously typed/visited URLS. To remove any of these URL from the list, use down/up


Disable SSL v3.0 on Cpanel Server

SSL v3.0 is vulnerable to POODLE attack and should be disabled. To disable SSL v3.0 on Cpanel Servers, go to WHM > Service Configuration > Apache Configuration Click on Include Editor. Under Pre Min Include, select All Versions from drop