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Restore wordpress from backup without phpMyAdmin in MariaDB

Today I restored backup of wordpress to another website. Here I am sharing the steps of how I completed the wordpress restore process. First I created Database in MariaDB. You’ll see this output confirming it was created. To see the

VestaCP – Free Hosting Control panel

VestaCP is a free open source hosting control panel available at Source code available at

ISPConfig DNS Error

When i add a DNS zone in ISPConfig, it get added, but domain did not resolve. When i check the /var/named folder, i see the domain name with .err extension [root@server named]# ll total 44 drwxrwx—. 2 named named 4096

Moving WordPress web site

You can change WordPress url in phpmyadmin or Admin area of WordPress. If you can’t login, you can add following code to wp-config.php to force change WordPress URL. Here are some WordPress plugins that help you move site from one

Target is busy

When i try to un mount a disk, i get error I need to find which program is using the drive, stop it before i can un mount the drive. To do this, run In this case, i have swap

vBulletin 5

Config file for vbulltin 5 located at Making a user Admin You can create a new user, then edit its usergroupid to 6. nvb> select userid, username, usergroupid from user where username=”hostonnet”; +——–+———–+————-+ | userid | username | usergroupid |

Install Red 5 on CentOS 7

Red5 is an open source media server for live streaming. Install java with Download and extract Red 5 Start Red 5 with command Now you will be able to access your Red 5 installation at http://your-server-ip:5080/ Demo available at http://your-server-ip:5080/demos/ofla_demo.html

How to Hide Bind Version

To view bind version, run command It shows bind version 9.9.4-RedHat-9.9.4-51.el7 To hide bind version, edit named.conf You need to add Inside your options block. Now restart bind Verify bind version changed with command