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Amazon EC2 regions Uploading files to Amazon s3 with s3cmd Amazon Ec2 Cpanel FTP I won’t open a connection to X (only to Y) Amazon Elastic File System Backup Site to Amazon S3

NGINX Unit – Application Server from Nginx

Nginx one of the popular web server used by high traffic web sites have come up with NGINX Unit, an application server that can serve PHP, Python And Go language web applications. To Install Nginx Unit on Ubuntu 16.04, first

Python Script to update yum

Some times when you update server software with yum, it fail to update due to few package conflicts. This will result in none of the packages getting updated. When i update a cpanel server, i get following error I normally

Access OpenVZ Virtual Machine from Node

To get List all of running OpenVZ Virtual machine, run Example To connect to any of the Virtual machines, all you need to do is Example Now you are inside the VM. You can run all commands or even change

Bash Script to restart stopped service

Here is a quick bash script that will monitor if a process is running. If not restart it. It only work if process completely crashed. If process hangs, it won’t help. Create file with following content. The code look

Creating a .pem File for SSL Certificate

Some applications require you to provide SSL in .pem file format. This can be easily created your own by combining SSL cerifcate provided by your SSL provider. Open a text file, paste content of your SSL certificate in following order.

Managing Software with yum on Linux

yum is command used to install software on RHEL, CentOS and Fedora Servers. To install software, use command or you can use path to binary, for exmaple To uninstall a software, run To search for available software, run Popular yum

List all UDP Connections

To list all UDP connections, run Example Scan All UDP Ports To scan all UDP ports using nmap, use