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110: Connection timed out while reading response header from upstream

On Nginx + PHP-FPM server, some times site failed with 500 Internal Error. On checking nginx error log, found following error This is fixed by editing nginx configuration file and adding Default value for proxy_read_timeout is 60 seconds. So any

Install vsftpd on CentOS

vsftpd is an FTP server. To install vsftp on CentOS, run Make it start on boot with Start FTP Server with Now system users will be able to login, lets create a user, set it a password. Exmaple [root@localhost ~]#

Amazon AWS Command Line Tool – awscli

awscli is command line tool used to manage Amazon AWS. To install run You will need pip installed to run above command, if you are on Ubuntu, run Once installed, you can check its version by running Before you can

Check DNS Propagation

When you make changes to DNS entry of your domain or changed name server, it can take several hours to propagate across different DNS servers around the world. This is because each DNS server have its own cache, they only

Disable email from cronjob

To disable email from cronjob, add to end of the script. This will redirect all messages to /dev/null.

Device or resource busy

When i try to move a folder, i get following error First see if this folder is mounted with command If it is mounted, you need to unmount it first before renaming. To see which program access the folder, use

InnoDB: mmap(x bytes) failed; errno 12

On a VPS, MariaDB refused to start with error [root@ip-10-0-51-171 mariadb]# service mariadb start Redirecting to /bin/systemctl start mariadb.service Job for mariadb.service failed because the control process exited with error code. See “systemctl status mariadb.service” and “journalctl -xe” for details.


To add swap file to linux system, run To make it active on boot, edit /etc/fstab, add Add

git diff

git diff command shows changes in current git repo. To see list of changed files between 2 commits, run Example $ git diff –name-only d523abc16fd26f3f269f99a1de623350e6f76d82 10a95d424540eb90ce94f214a25b7b4976c2284b app/Http/Controllers/ImportController.php app/Http/Controllers/MailController.php app/Http/Controllers/MailingListController.php app/Http/Controllers/SettingsController.php app/Http/routes.php app/MailingLists.php database/migrations/2017_04_19_040237_drop_queues_table.php database/migrations/2017_04_20_045005_create_mailing_lists_table.php database/migrations/2017_04_20_045614_alter_mailing_list_table.php resources/views/import/index.blade.php resources/views/layouts/master.blade.php resources/views/mail/index.blade.php resources/views/mail/mail.blade.php resources/views/mailing_list/index.blade.php

ModSecurity Web Application Firewall

ModSecurity is a web application firewall that protect sites from application level attacks and exploits. To enable ModSecurity in Cpanel Server, go to Home > Security Center > ModSecurity™ Vendors Click “Add Vendor”. On Next Page enter url [/code