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Display Errors in PHP Script

Some web servers have PHP display_errors turned off by default for security reason. This is good for security, but make debug very hard. To display errors in PHP script, add following code to PHP script

Exim Mail Server

To list all mails in queue To see total number of mails in Queue, run To view body of a mail, run To see header of a mail, run To find scripts that send email in Cpanel server, run

Install Atlassian Confluence on Ubuntu 16.04

To install Atlassian Confluence, download it from This is a Java Application, minimum recommended Memory is 6 GB RAM. Now to go URL If you are installing on remote server, replace localhost with server ip. You will see Select

Install PHP 5.6 on CentOS 7 Server

CentOS 7 come with outdated PHp 5.4 for some strange reason only enterprise can understand. I normally prefer Ubuntu 16.04 over CentOS 7 because it come with latest software. Default PHP version with Ubuntu 16.04 is 7. To install PHP

Opening Java Web Start ( jnlp) files in Ubuntu

Many servers provide option to access console using Java Application. Dell servers with Dell Remote Management Controller (DRMC) provide JViewer, when you click on Console Redirection, you will be asked to download a file called “jviewer.jnlp”. If you are on

Switching Web Server to LiteSpeed on Cpanel Server

To set LiteSpeed as default web server on Cpanel server, run To set Apache as default web server, run

Install LiteSpeed Web Server on Cpanel Server

LiteSpeed Web Server is a replacement for Apache web server. LiteSpeed Will Double Your Server Productivity And Reduce Your Additional Server Investment Cost To install LiteSpeed Web Server on Cpanel Server, run If you have serial number, you can

Install JetBackup on Cpanel Server

To install Jetbackup on Cpanel, run Now login to WHM, you will see JetApps Click on JetApps, then JetBackup On next page, you have option to install JetBackup.

pip Failed to build cryptography

When installing fabric with pip, i get following error The error is related to build/temp.linux-x86_64-2.7/_openssl.c:434:30: fatal error: openssl/opensslv.h: No such file or directory This is fixed by installing libssl-dev on Ubuntu On RedHat/CentOS, you need to install

Stopping Docker Container

docker ps give you list of running docker containers. To stop a container, run Example