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Install Pure-FTPd in Ubuntu

To install Pure-FTPd in Ubuntu, run To enable system users login to FTP, run Now restart pure-ftpd To create a user, run For Example Once user is created, you need to set password with command passwd.


Install vsftpd in Ubuntu 14.04

To install vsftpd on ubuntu, run Now you need to edit vsftpd config file File and un comment following 2 entry. You need to add After chroot_local_user.

Wired to FTP


Install Pure-FTPd in Ubuntu Install vsftpd in Ubuntu 14.04 FTP Limiting 2000 file listing on Cpanel server


Install Webmin on Ubuntu 14.04

Webmin is a free open source control panel (mainly for system admin tasks, not a hosting control panel). To install webmin on Ubuntu 14.04, run Now you will be able to access webmin on port 10000 via https.

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sed is a command line tool to replace text. To display only To Replace text You can use regular expression for matching text.


Entering Running Docker Container

To enter a running docker container, run You can find docker container with docker ps command. Back to Docker



mysqladmin is a commandline tool provided as part of MySQL. To list MySQL run time variables, run To see value of open_files_limit, use grep with mysqladmin, for example


Cpanel MySQL server offline DBCACHE

On Cpanel Server with MariaDB, cpanel shows error “The MySQL server is currently offline. The adminbin “cpmysql” in the “Cpanel” namespace call to function “DBCACHE” ended prematurely: The subprocess reported the “” (255) error when it ended.” The error only


Cpanel Added 2 Factor Authentication

Cpanel have implemented 2 Factor authentication for Cpanel and WHM. This is not enabled by default as some of the plugins and third party programs that integrate with Cpanel via API have not yet updated to work with this and


Find Information About a Kernel Module

modinfo command is used to find more information about a Linux Kernel module. Modules provide additional features that are not provided by kernel by default. For example, you have a Graphics card that is not supported by kernel by default,