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Last one week i was working on new image mangement script for

It started with a very simple image uploading script with no admin or user login features.

The new script have lot of features and i should say it is build specially to handle high traffic. This script uses only minimum MySQL queries to serve images.

Plan is to provide Free Image Hosting, so the script is build with out any bandwidth monitoring features. I can easily add bandwidth monitoring, but this will add up few MySQL queries for each image served. I do not want CPU time wasted for this , fancy feature.

As a Free Image Host, we need to serve lot of images, no limits, the more images it serves, more popular it become. So we don’t have any bandwidth limit per user.

This script allow 3 type of linking

1. Hotlinking – users can hotlink hosted images on their web site, but the images are branded with “Hosted by” at bottom.

2. Thumbnail – Users can post thumbnail images on their site, blog or forums. On clicking the thumbnail, the full size image is shown. We show our ads on top and bottom of the image.

3. Direct Link to Image – a link to image, that user can share with others.

I am working on few more features like Image Gallery and some image mangement features.

Presently we have more than 1.3 GB of images uploaded by users. We have to delete images few times due to server problems. Now with the branding and advertising, we hope we can serve better, no need to delete images as it will help us also. Hope more are more users will be linking to thumbnail of images and sending viewers to full image (with ads) on our site.

ImageHost have will be moved to its own dedicated server within few days. New server with OS FreeBSD 5.4-R, 1 GB RAM, 120 GB HDD is ordered and will be ready in few days.

FreeBSD 5.4 is released few days back, Data Center agreed to provide latest version of FreeBSD with this server.

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