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Hi All,

On 16th Sep 2004 moved to new dedicated server of its own.

New server configuration is

Server Name:

Server Specifications: P4 3.2G FSB800 1M Cache


Drive: 120GB SATA Drive

Operating System: CentOS Linux Enterprise

Note: CentOS is a linux destribution that is based on RedHat RHEL. It is available for down load from I have downloaded and installed it on my local PC to try before going for CentOS as the new server OS. Its made for server use, look similar to RedHat with the images changed. I like Fedora Core 1 better than CentOS on my desktop. The Free Hosting server os is Fedora Core 1.0, for me it works great, that server handle more traffic with out any problem. But it is said that Fedora have a short life, that is it can’t be a secure os for web hosting in long term, you always need to upgrade to new Core they release.

Server located in US Data Center

New server hosts only and its sub domain’s.

This server does not host any of the Free Sub Domain Names provided by

All Free Sub Domains are hosted on another dedicated server of its own. This is done to avoid large resourse/bandwidth usage by Free Web Hosting affect our main web site

So if some thing happen to Free Web Hosting Server, it won’t affect our main web site, only the free sub domains provided by will be affected.

Presently that is used to host handles DNS for the main domain name, so anything happen to that server, the DNS will not resolve the free sub domains, so sites on both the servers will not work. We will be implementing a mirrord DNS server for so if server goes down, mirror DNS server will handle DNS queries and the Free Web Hosting sites will work fine. This will be implemented in few days.

We are still moving to new server. Since it is a BIG site, Cpanel site tranfer facility is not working for us, so have to tar.gz folders one by one (sub domains) and move to new server and restore it. The email service ( was the difficult one to move as its alone is 15 GB Web Space. We have near 4,000 email users ([email protected])

Today we reached 2706 Free Sub Domain accounts on

Regards, Team

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