Bulk Parking multiple web sites in Cpanel

Today one client want to park 75 domains to his web site. This was already parked, but it was lost after he moved the server. he give me a list of sites he want to park to his existing web site.

So i checked if there any easy way to do this other than usual WHM, where you need to add one by one.

I found /scripts/park can do this. I have done following (domains changed). In this example, we park several domains to the domain name flashwebhost.com, that is when a visitor goes to parked-domain-1.info or parked-domain-2.info he sees FlashWebHost.com

/scripts/park flashwebhost.com parked-domain-1.info
/scripts/park flashwebhost.com parked-domain-2.info
/scripts/park flashwebhost.com parked-domain-3.info
/scripts/park flashwebhost.com parked-domain-4.info

After doing running this in SSH, i can see the DNS entry added in the server, but sites not showing FlashWebHost.com

I checked apache configuration file. I could not find any entry for this domain in virtualhost section of the domain flashwebhost.com, so i edited httpd.conf

vi /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf

and added following lines to virtualhost section of the domain flashwebhost.com

ServerAlias parked-domain-1.info www.parked-domain-1.info
ServerAlias parked-domain-2.info www.parked-domain-2.info
ServerAlias parked-domain-3.info www.parked-domain-3.info
ServerAlias parked-domain-4.info www.parked-domain-4.info

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