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Nginx SSL SslLabs A Rating

On Ubuntu Server with nginx, ssllabs give B rating for newly installed SSL certificate with a warning related to Diffie-Hellman. To fix this, run Edit nginx.conf and add following inside http block. Example Nginx SSL Nginx

Nginx Bad Gateway

Nginx upstream sent too big header while reading response header from upstream

On a wordpress blog hosted under Nginx and php-fpm, when adding new post, get 502 internal error. This is fixed by editing nginx config for the web site by adding Here is the updated nginx config

nginx wordpress

Here is nginx config for wordpress on Ubuntu 16.04 nginx

Enable Directory Listing in Nginx

To enable directory listing in nginx virtual host, add Example If you want to enable directory listing for a specific directory, use following configuration Here /public directory have directory listing enabled. See Nginx

Enable PHP-FPM in Nginx on Ubuntu/Debian

Lets start with install nginx. Restart nginx with command Now you will be able to visit server with IP address, will see default page like Nginx config for default web site is at /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/default, if you remove all comments, it