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Change Magento 2 URL

To change Magento 2 web site URL/domain name, run following SQL commands You need to flush cache with CLI You can verify the URLs are set properly in DB with You can also use CLI like See Magento 2


magento 2

magento 2 comes with command line tool, to get list of all commands, run Magento 2 by default run in “production” mode. On this mode, it won’t show any errors, it write to log file in var/logs folder. When you


Magento sending order confirmation mail to random users

On a Magento web site, when customers place order, mail goes out to 3 users. One of the recipient is the actual buyer of the item. Other 2 random users. When sending email, magneto add it to a MySQL

VestaCP Free Hosting Control Panel

VestaCP – Free Hosting Control panel

VestaCP is a free open source hosting control panel available at Source code available at

ISPConfig Free Hosting Control Panel

ISPConfig DNS Error

When i add a DNS zone in ISPConfig, it get added, but domain did not resolve. When i check the /var/named folder, i see the domain name with .err extension [root@server named]# ll total 44 drwxrwx—. 2 named named 4096

Moving WordPress web site

You can change WordPress url in phpmyadmin or Admin area of WordPress. If you can’t login, you can add following code to wp-config.php to force change WordPress URL. Here are some WordPress plugins that help you move site from one

Target is busy

When i try to un mount a disk, i get error I need to find which program is using the drive, stop it before i can un mount the drive. To do this, run In this case, i have swap


XenServer is a commercial virtualization platform Citrix. There is open source version of Xen Virtualization available. Managing XenServer To manage Xen Server, you need to download and install XENCENTER. This is a windows software. If you are using Linux,

vBulletin 5 forum

vBulletin 5

Config file for vbulltin 5 located at Making a user Admin You can create a new user, then edit its usergroupid to 6. nvb> select userid, username, usergroupid from user where username=”hostonnet”; +——–+———–+————-+ | userid | username | usergroupid |

Install Red 5 on CentOS 7

Red5 is an open source media server for live streaming. Install java with Download and extract Red 5 Start Red 5 with command Now you will be able to access your Red 5 installation at http://your-server-ip:5080/ Demo available at http://your-server-ip:5080/demos/ofla_demo.html