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CodeIgniter for Rapid PHP Application Development

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Yesterday when i found a web site that illegally distribute the PDF copy of the book “CodeIgniter for Rapid PHP Application Development”


I have been in PHP developement for some time and want to start using MVC (if it really speed up developement). I spend some time with CakePHP, ZendFramework and Symfony. But i can’t see advantages of using thse. One of the reason is many of my project have existing code base that are not MVC and switching to a new freamwork is not very easy task.

After getting the PDF, i read first few pages. It is not easy to read PDF, i used to download lot of PDF, but only read few, mostly small ebooks with a compelling reason to read it.

So i made a search and found the book is available in India through

I have placed an online order and waiting for the book.

I have to thank the site that give the ebook free, only because they list the PDF copy, i know about the book and able to get a copy of it.

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