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Offers Cpanel Licence at $55 per month. They also provide 15 day trail licence.

Control Panels play an important role in web hosting environments today. In the past, hosting and web service companies have spent hundreds of costly admin hours configuring services, modifying permissions, and changing configuration files to meet the demands of there customers. Today however, there is an alternative solution to this time consuming processes that limits organizations abilities. Control panels, such as cPanel eliminates much of the hassle in a production hosting environment by automating the tasks administrators perform every day.

As an internal and external cPanel license distributor, provides a wide range of cPanel licensing options. offers both supported and unsupported license types alike, giving license seekers even more flexibility and the permitting the lowest cPanel pricing around. and its parent company NDC Host are active members in the cPanel community. Our staff is continually developing 3rd party scripts, and add-ons to increase users abilities and cPanel.s functions. Additional complementary support for all can be found voluntary through our involvement with’s forums and the official cPanel IRC (internet relay chat) channel #cPanel on EFNet. Thank you for visiting, we welcome your business and interest in cPanel.

NOTE: Cpanel price is costly, many data centers provide cpanel at $20 per month when you buy dedicated servers. But this licence can used inside the data center only.

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