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Cpanel Multi language

Today a client want to install French language in his cpanel control panel.
Cpanel support different languages and can be downloaded from.
Cpanel Language files are files in .asc extension.
To install a language file, you have to login to WHM as root.
Languages > Upload a Language File
Then browse the downloaded language file and click upload.
Or you can install all laguages with
cd /usr/local/cpanel/lang
tar -xvf lang.tar
mv catalan.asc catalan
mv dutch.asc dutch
mv french.asc french
mv german.asc german
mv polish.asc polish
mv portugues.asc portugues
mv portuguese.asc portuguese
mv romanian.asc romanian
mv russian.asc russian
mv spanish.asc spanish
mv turkish.asc turkish
mv svenska.asc svenska
m -f lang.tar

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