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Deleting Mail Enable Bad Mail from Windows 2000 Server

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On Windows Server, most of the log files, you have to delete it yourself.

On my windows server, i have to delete Mail Enable log files as they grow and take up GB’s of web space.

Today on Windows 2000 server, i found not much space left even after deleting all Log files, so i checked Mail Enable Bad Mail Folder at

c:program filesmail enablebad mail

This folder contains lot of files with extension .MAI and a folder “messages”. Bad mails are mails that can’t delivered by Mail Enable mail server due to invalid recipient email address. All these .MAI files are not actual email, its just info about actual emails, real emails are in messages folder. So you can delete all these files. To clean up Bad Mail, do to DOS mode as Windows Explorer will not respond if you have lot of files in the folder, infect the server i am doing this got 5 GB of files in bad mail folder.

cd “Program Files”
cd “Mail Enable”
cd “Bad Mail”
del *.mai
cd messages
del *.mai

You need to specify directory name within quoted if there is a space within the folder name. This is vaid for all version of DOS and Windows 2000. IF you are in Windows 2003, it can understand directory name with space.

In Windows 2003, you can simply do

cd program filesmail enablebad mail
del *.mai
cd messages
del *.mai

See screenshot of cleaning Bad Mail on Windows 2000. Click on Image to Enlarge.

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