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DMCA/copywrite tolerant hosts

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There was a discussion on webhostingtalk about lease web taking down a youtube clone site doe to DCMA complaint. The site owner was paying $7000 per month for the server as it use lot of bandwidth.

Here is a post by user felosi on WHT

Here are some DMCA/copywrite tolerant hosts I know of

  • (great network but dont have big storage setups) – Amsterdam
  • (big storage setups, decent network at times, bad support) – netherlands

really know how good this one is (metanet) on that kind of stuff but I
manage there. I know the network is great but dont know
their policy on copywrite. Astalavista is technically a legal site even
in US so cant really say for sure what they accept or tolerate

  • (got anything you want, 24 hour staff, real good network, But support is expensive $40 for reboots)

would say ecatel would be the best if they would get some high storage
setups, they may have already done that, not sure but I recommend them
a lot and they haven’t made me look bad yet. Real good people to deal

If anyone else knows any good euro networks please share. I have clients always looking for some.

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