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Fedora Core 3 on AMD 64 3200

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Today installed Fedora Core 3 on new AMD 64 3200 pc.

Hard Disk is 80 GB, 40 GB is given to Windows 2003, rest used by Linux.

This time i partitioned 40 GB Windows space into 4 Drives.

Drive C is NTFS 10 GB.

Other 3 partitions are 10 GB Each and i partitioned them as VfAT.

I used VFAT so that i can mount drives D, E and F in Linux.

I use Linux for developement through VMWare Virtual machine under windows. Now i will see if i cam completely switch to Linux.

I have to manage windows servers too, i found rdesktop can do this, but it is not anything near remote desktop connection under Windows.

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