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On 25th March, free phpbb forum hosting will complete 2 months of sucessfull service. As on march 18, we have 2503 hosted forums, 10426 members and 78470 posts.

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Unlike other free forum hosting providers, provides forums with no popup ads or big ads. Presently there is no ads in the forum, but we will be planing to put some advt, so we can get better dedicated server for the forum itself. Now forum is hosted on dedicated server of free web hosting. Since already have over 10,000 free web hosting members, we faced server getting hang at times because of high server load.

Now we have to get a server with higher configuration. But i think it will be good to get another server for forum hosting, so both services run on its on dedicated servers, anything happen to one server will not affect the other server. Present server have only 512 MB of RAM. I think more RAM will help to reduce server load, so new server will have atleast 1 GB of RAM.

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