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Free Linux Web Hosting Control Panel

GNU Hosting Helper is a Free Open Source Control Panel for Linux Servers.

You can find more details at

I have downloaded source code, want to try when i get time.

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  • BizH .com,

    I saw your post
    regarding web hosting review .

    I have about 7 VPS servers most with different companies.
    I had one with that was working pretty well.
    I had upgraded to their top VPS plan and I had close to 100
    websites on there which was pretty good. I had some
    restaurant websites, marketing info websites a wide variety.
    After several months with I got an email through
    their support system. “Account Closed” Holy cow! Heart attack time!
    I looked at the ticket and they closed the account because of one
    spam complaint by one of my customers.
    No warning, I had never had one complaint about any of
    my customers before, first time, they shut down everything.
    They did not even let me suspend
    the customer’s account or deal with the problem. Just nuclear option.
    I tried to negotiate with them and they even refused to let me
    access the data to back it up.

    Lucky I had been pretty good about backups on my end.
    Bottom line. If you are starting to resell hosting watch out
    for unless you really enjoy heart attacks.
    You are just one complaint away from losing your whole

    I think Servint and Liquidweb are some of the best VPS providers
    I have found if you are looking for alternatives.

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