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On Jan 24, 2005 we brought Multi Forums Pro Host script to start phpBB free web hosting. This will allow us to provide hosted phpBB message board to our users.

Setting up a message board with Multi Forums Pro Host is very easy, just fill a simple form and submit, your phpBB forum is ready to use.

You can find our Free phpBB forum hosting at

Features we offer with free phpBB hosting are

– PHPBB latest version.

– Easy installation

– No Banner Ads or Popups

– Over 50 Templates

– Support over 50 Languages

– Private or public forums

– Sub Domain:

– Instant Activation

– 24/7 Community Support

– Quick Reply and Banner MOD

– Free search engine submission of your forum.

– No limit on number of post, space, members, or size.

We have made few changes to Multi Forums Pro Host script. Now our users get free forum setup as a sub domain to our domain name, this allow them to submit their forum in search engine. We have also installed search engine mod, this will make the forum urls search engine friendly.

Many free phpBB free hosting offers near 250 templates to their users, but we have installed only 50 templates. This is because we don’t want to maintain all these templates when new versions of phpBB is released. Next version of phpBB is told to be using entirly different template structure, it will take some time to get new versions of all these templates, chances are some templates will not have a new version too.

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