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I have taken a freelance work, the web site was an auction site

Customer need

Basicly i would like the currency for my auction website to be changed from $(dollars) to Rs(rupees). Paypal don’t take payment in “Rs”. So i am happy for the listing fees to be in $ and that bidders pay me in $. The currency in mauritius is in rupees. So it would be good if bidders can bid in rupees “Rs”.

The site used free opensource perl script EveryAuction by

The version of code, installed on the server won’t have the currency variable used properly, most of the currency are hard coded instead of using the currency variable, so i made a find and replace, $ to Rs. 🙂

It was not so easy, as $ is also used by perl variables and some predefined variables, so have to make sure, i am replacing the currency $ to Rs.

On paypal side, i just divided the due amount by 30 to convert it to USD, so paypal can accept the payment.

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