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Gossamer Threads Adds as Script Installation Provider

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Gossamer Threads provides various useful CGI scripts written in Perl. Some of the popular products are
Gossamer Links
This is a search engine friendly Link directory. Gossamer Links is the perfect software solution to manage any type of directory. While designed to manage links, Gossamer Links is ideal for a wide range of tasks such as Image Galleries, Press Releases, Yellowpages, Company Directories, or any other categorized database.
Gossamer Mail
If you’ve seen Hotmail™ or Yahoo!Mail™, then you already know what Gossamer Mail is all about. It includes all the features you’d expect to find in a quality web based email system like:
  • user customizable folders
  • full MIME support for sending/receiving of attachments
  • global and user-based email filters
  • address book and nickname support
  • supports sending/viewing of html mail
  • advertisements can be added to all outgoing mail
There are many more usefull scripts available, check
www.ScriptInstallation.In is listed as Installation Provider at

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