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High Server Load

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A Bad Day again… server went down due to high server load, this time reboot take more time, usually its done within 5 or 10 minutes.

After getting the server online, i found the server load going high at times. Too many MySQL processes, too many httpd process, server load rising to 20..30.

I have to restart httpd and mysql to keep the server alive.

This time i tryed running SIM when server load is high.

cd /usr/local/sim
./sim -v
Yes, SIM is working. It says server load is dangerously high and server is going to reboot and server got rebooted.

After server back online, i tryed to change some settings in /usr/local/acpache2/conf/httpd.conf i changed MaxClients to 100 (Default 150) and many other changes KeepAlive On … KeepAlive Off… i tryed everything… I want my server ALIVE all the time.

I don’t know what i done exactly. But now server load is normal, may be some thing i done or the HIGH load time is over. Now the server load is

00:42:44 up 2:53, 1 user, load average: 0.84, 0.65, 0.69
102 processes: 99 sleeping, 2 running, 1 zombie, 0 stopped

After fixing this next problem started. server whent down. Can’t login through SSH and no PING.

So submitted reboot ticket at, don’t know all data center tech gone to church for good friday, here also it time more than usual time to get reboot. Tech say server rebooted, but i can’t access the server. So i submitted another ticket, that also answered server rebooted, may be because DC Tech thought it was same ticket. At last they told there is some hardware issue, i thought the CPU dead as few days back i got message in the server saying CPU temp is high, a reboot solved CPU Temp at the time. Data center tech replaced powersupply of the server and it back online.

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