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Installing FreeBSD 6 on Local Web Server

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Today i am install FreeBSD 6 on local developement web server.
I was using FreeBSd 5.2 on local server. Today take backup of home directory and mysql data and installed FreeBSD 6. After installation home directory and MySQL restored. Now i have to install Apache, MySQL, etc…
FreeBSD 6 CD was brought from an ebay seller. For some reason, CD 2 is not working, so i have to install packages from internet.
I copied /usr/ports/distfiles from old FreeBSD installation to new FreeBSD 6 installation. This is the folder where packages downloaded from internet stored. I am able to install Apache21 from ports using the fine in /usr/ports/distfines folder. Other ports i tried to install like samba started downloading from internet as required files are not available in the folder.
Installing samba to share it with Windows failed to install, may be due to ports not updated. Now i am install cvsup-without-gui and going to update ports.

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