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Mail from php mail() stoped working

Today one client told he can’t send email to from free email (

I tryed to send a mail to email account, mail is send, but got it bounced, on checking /var/log/exim_mainlog found following error message.

2005-06-13 09:04:10 1Dhkra-0003hj-Qs ** <> R=fail_remote_domains: unrouteable mail domain “”

I was able to send emails to that address from outlook express, but email from php mail() function is not working.

Same error for sending email to address from PHP

2005-06-13 09:24:39 1DhlBO-0004To-98 ** <> R=fail_remote_domains: unrouteable mail domain “”

Also noticed another error

2005-06-13 09:22:18 1Dhl98-0002d3-NP failed to expand condition “${perl{checkspam}}” for literal router: Gid 32013 is not permitted to relay mail at /etc/ line 352.

I have resetted exim configuration file with


But it won’t help, other than removing the RBL settings i have set in /etc/exim.conf

So i reinstalled exim with


Now emails are working fine. It seems some thing wrong with exim mail server caused the error.

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