HostOnNet Blog free web hosting crossed 10,000 members.

Looking for Linux Server Admin or WordPress Expert? We can help. free web hosting crossed 10,000 members landmark.

Now we have 10348 free web hosting users.

Free Hosting dedicated server is pushing more than 1 MB/s all the time. This is much more than our other paid hosting servers, one of our windows server uses 40 GB bandwidth per month. free hosting server using around 20 – 30 GB bandwidth per day.

Server gets down at times, it seems we need to upgrade to a higher configuration.

Present Server is

AMD Athlon 2400
512 MB RAM
80 GB IDE Hard Disk
10 MB/S Ethernet

I doubt some PHP users running some script causing the server hang at times. Planing to install, don’t know when i get time to do this. Need to find solution for some technical problems before doing this, main problem is we use virtual users, not sure suphp can work with virtual users and groups.

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