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New AMD 64 3200 PC

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Yesterday brought new pc with AMD 64 3200+ CPU.

I am not a fan of AMD CPU’s. Already got two pc’s with AMD 2400, but as a Inel user, i don’t like AMD much. I have some problem with my old AMD pc, it can’t install Linux, this turned out to be mother board problem, diver for VGA card (ProSalvage) not supported by Linux. Anyway this created negative attitude towards AMD cpu’s.

Next PC, i brought was Intel because of this problem.

Recently found a review of CPU’s in Digit Magazine ( that says AMD 64 3000 is better than Intel Pentium, so i brought this AMD 64 3200.

Motherboard is Asus K8S-MX, this time i brought 1 GB RAM, mainly because i want to run Linux Virtual Machine (VM Ware) under Windows, this take around 300MB of RAM. Hope with 1 GB Ram i can run with out using much virtual memory.

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