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RAS Graph & Stats v1.20

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RAS Graph & Stats is a network/dialup monitor and stats tool. It provides real time graph of traffic. Detailed stats provide daily/weekly/monthly/yearly stats/user defined range. Stop watch. etc..

You can use it to measure bandwidth used by your computer, it provides dialy, monthly report and real time bandwidth usage graphs.

This app basically picks up where the old NetStat left off by providing stats for network card (cable/dsl/etc).

RAS G&S; is now Win9x/Win2k/Windows 2003/XP compatible

Download RAS Graph & Stats

Whats New in v1.20
1. Improved stats routines/better performance
2. Improved graph, several new graph options.
3. Added Reports

Known Bugs
1. When changing the horizontal scale + update interval the vertial minute lines aren’t drawn correctly.

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RAS Graph & Stats

Dialup/Network graph and stats tool
for Windows (98/Me/NT4/2000/XP)

Home Page:
Copyright (C) 2002 by Charles DeWeese
All rights reserved

This software is provided “AS-IS”

In order for RAS G&S; to continually keep track of your stats its
recommended you run RAS G&S; when windows start, Simply create a
shortcut to RAS G&S; in your Startup folder. Right click on the
shortcut and select Properties, Change the Run from “Normal” to

After you have installed RAS G&S; you will need to configure it,
this is done via File Setup.

RAS G&S; provides a real-time graph of network/dialup activity.
Detailed stats are avilable providing the user with daily &
monthly totals, With an option to view stats between a range of

Changing Tray activity icons
When Show Activity is enabled the images will replicate windows
standard network activity icons.

These icons can be customized.

create a 16×16 pixel icon (16 color) and name it based on the
chart below.

RAS Graph & Stats Folder0.ico = Standard icon (when show activity is unchecked)
1.ico = no activity
2.ico = activity in/out
3.ico = activity in
4.ico = activity out

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