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root can’t change file permission

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On RHEL 3 Plesk server, i tried to edit file


But i can’t edit it. vi editor says, file is ready only and use w! to write, but that also not worked. So i exited vi, tried changing permission of the file.

# whoami
# ls -l .bashrc
-rw-r–r– 1 root root 176 Aug 23 1995
# chmod 744 .bashrc
chmod: changing permissions of `.bashrc’:
Operation not permitted

On chmod, i get Operation not permitted error.

So i checked extended file permission with

# lsattr /root/.bashrc

It is found the file with i (IMMUTABLE) bit set.

# lsattr /root/.bashrc
—-i——– /root/.bashrc

This is removed by the command

# chattr -i /root/.bashrc

Now the file is editable.

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