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Wine 1.7.28 released

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Wine 1.7.28 adds support for conditional compilation in JavaScript, bi-direction text support in DirectWrite, and stubs out DirectPlay Voice support. DirectWrite has been worked on for a while now within Wine as Microsoft’s text/glyph rendering API that replaces GDI/GDI+ and Uniscribe on Windows. DirectWrite is comparable in scope to the open-source Pango and Cairo projects. DirectPlay is a deprecated part of the Microsoft DirectX API. DirectPlay Voice was added to Windows Me at DirectX 7.1 for voice communication and recording/playback during gaming.

– Support for conditional compilation in JavaScript.
– Bidirectional text support in DirectWrite.
– Stubs for DirectPlay Voice support.
– Various bug fixes.

There’s 21 known bug-fixes to Wine 1.7.28. Sadly there’s nothing new to report on Direct3D 10/11 improvements or the longstanding and sought after Direct3D command stream work.


The source code for this release is available here:

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