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6 Kinds of killer use Facebook to commit crimes

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Researchers have identified six different types of killers who turn to Facebook to lure their victims. The researchers analyzed cases of homicide in which the social networking site had been reported by the media as a significant factor.

A reactor reacts to content posted on Facebook by attacking the victim face to face, researchers explained. This may be immediately after viewing the content that makes them angry or there may be a time delay in which they revisit the content and ruminate over its meaning.

The informer uses Facebook to inform others that they intend to kill the victim, that they have killed the victim, or both. Informers use Facebook as a way of demonstrating their control over the victim and the situation.

An antagonist engages in hostile exchanges on Facebook that escalate into face-to-face fatal violence. A fantasist uses Facebook to perform or indulge in a fantasy. For fantasists, the line between fantasy and reality has become increasingly blurred and the homicide may be a way of maintaining the fantasy or preventing others from discovering the deception.

A predator uses a fake profile to lure a victim into a trap. They may draw upon the information available on the victim’s profile to exploit vulnerabilities to establish grounds upon which to develop a relationship.

An imposter posts in the name of someone else. This could be the victim in order to create the illusion they are still alive or another person to gain access to and monitor the victim’s profile.

A Fantasist When ‘the line between fantasy and reality becomes blurred’ the fantasist emerges. Some 12.5 percent of Facebook murders fit this profile. Mark Twitchell is an iconic fantasist. The 35-year-old Canadian was convicted in 2011 for killing John Brian Altinger. In his defense the murderer said that he was inspired by the Dexter Morgan character in the Dexter television series.

Facebook said Tuesday the US government has increased requests for user info access by 24 percent in the first half of 2014 over 2H13, claiming to have received over34,946 requests for data.

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