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How to add a border around your text in Gimp

In this video I’m going to show you how to add a border around your text or how to outline text in GIMP

Bitcoin Trading Bot – BTC trading bot.

CDN Allow you to upload images and videos. Work as CDN, have options to resize uploaded images, convert videos to different format.


HE.NET Includes 42U Cabinet, Power, 1 Gbps Internet bandwidth. $400/month Cabinet + Gige

Redirect Web Page to Another

Here are some of the methods used to redirect a web page or web site to another. Using HTML Using .htacess This will redirect entire web site to new URL To redirect single page

Text Editor For Programmers

There was a time there where only few text editors available for programmers like Editplus, UltraEdit, etc.. they are all paid. Then come Sublime, that become very popular among programmers, it was light weight, coded in python, allowed extending its

Librem 5 Crowdfunded Linux Phone

Librem 5 is a crowdfunded linux based phone that focus on security and privacy. Phone will be based on popular Linux Distribution Debian offers world’s first ever IP-native mobile handset, using end-to-end encrypted decentralized communication. As of today, the campaign

Mail API

With cloud sites, many are moving away from installing mail server on web server. It is not practical to have mail server on every web server that you deploy to cloud. Cloud work load in a proper setup should be

Free Email Hosting

Here are few Email service providers that allow FREE email hosting for your business. They provide fully qualified email address [email protected] Yandex Connect Yandex allow you to have unlimited email users @ yourdomain.tld First you need to create a FREE


irc is internet relay chat. Here are some of the useful commands /list List all channels available /join #ChannelName Join a channel /nick YOURNAME Change your IRC user name Web based IRC Chat clients Command Line IRC Chat clients