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Advantages & Disadvantages of Google Glasses

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Advantages of Google Glasses

1. The first and the foremost advantage of Google Glasses is that it offers convenience. Users can easily send messages without using their hands.

2. Google Glass will show you text messages as well as emails you receive and allow you to reply to them via voice commands.

3. Multiple options are made available which allows the user to use either voice commands or small hand gestures for operating this amazing device.

4. Another main advantage of Google Glasses is that you can capture those amazing moments of your life in a very simple and easy way. The video and camera capabilities that offered are hi-class.

5.This user friendliness and freedom is one of the USPs of this project.

6. This is a neat feature that may come in handy when you travel abroad. You simply need to ask Google Glass to translate a phrase or sentence from one language to another and it will speak that out.

7. The sound creation takes place with the help of vibrations which is considered as less abrasive as compared to headphones. This is also called as Bone-Induction concept. The clarity of the sound is also pretty good as compared to normal headphones or speakers.

Disadvantages of Google Glasses

1. Google Glass cannot be used by those people who already having some issue with their eyes and wears glasses in their daily routine.

2. You cannot use these Google Glass while driving, as the picture, video or data will be in front of the eyes of the user, which can distract them.

3. Google Glass can be easily broken as it is a sensitive device, after all it’s a glass not a bullet proof glass.

4. The face recognition technology can be easily misused and it might turn out to be offensive for that person.

5. One of the main disadvantages of Google Glasses is that there is chance of breach in the privacy of the person who is using this device. The video and camera can be misused and anybody can capture anything without letting the other person know about it.

6. Common glass are even not wearable while Running, Dancing or similar activities. So would you expect that you can wear these sensitive glasses.

7. Google glasses that are of consumers concerns are the cost of the glasses, the track pad, social interactions, privacy and recording issues, and more.

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