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Apache not working, server can’t ping outside

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Today i loged into Image Hosting server, getting too SSH was very difficult even from a server in US because of heavy bandwidth usage. The site was maxing at 10 MBPS port. After several try i got in to the server.

I want to delete some heavy hotlined images, so i can preven bandwidth usage from maxing to 10 MBPS all the day, will also help in serving images faster.

Normally i do not enable apache log, so i edited httpd.conf and uncommented the line CustomLog. After that i stoped and started apache

apacheclt stop
apachectl start

Stop and start went well, but after starting apache is not working, ps -aux shows no httpd.

I tryed to ping an out side domain from the server, it fails, it seems some problem with DNS servers, so i checked /etc/resolv.conf

server18# cat /etc/resolv.conf
domain temp

i tryed nslookup on name server IP to see if it can resolve the domain.

# nslookup
> server

But it can’t resolve any domains, seems DNS server of DC is down, so contacted support on live support desk, they ping the name servers told me name servers are working fine, i told them ping is ok, but nslookup fails, they asked to submit support ticket for Level 2 support.

After submiting support ticket, they solved the problem by adding another name server to /etc/resolv.conf

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