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Hosting Site with Dedicated IP on Windows 2003 HELM

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Today one client hosted on Windows 2003 server (HELM Control Panel) need SSL.

To install SSL, a site need Dedicated IP Address.

HELM do not support Hosting of sites with dedicated IP, in HELM all sites get added to servers shared IP. So i have to do this manually.

I have loged in to server through Remote Desktop Connection as Administrator. Then run Internet Information Service Manager.

Start > Run > inetmgr

Then click on Server Name, then Web Sites, This will list all websites hosted on the server under IIS.

Now click on the domain you want to change to dedicated IP Address.

In this case, i want to host the site on dedicated IP:

After taking property of the web site, you will be on “Web Site” tab.

Select the new dedicated IP address in

Web Site Identification > IP Address

I selected from the drop down box. This IP should be already added to your Network card (TCP/IP settings), then only IP will be listed here.

Now we want to remove Host Headers, this is important step. By default IIS will resolve sites using Host Headers (for Name based Hosting).

To do this, click on “Advanced” button just right side of the “IP Address” drop down list. You will see

IP Address – Port – Host Header

There will be two entries, one for

and another for

Now just remove the entry for

Now the remining is

Edit it and remove the value of host header, leave it blank and save.

After doing this, i checked the site

It is not working, but when i go to IP address, i can see the site

This is because DNS server still point to OLD shared IP address.

So i edited DNS of this domain and pointed it to new dedicated IP address.

Start > Programs > Administrative Tools > DNS

DNS > SERVER8 > Forward Lookup Zone >

Change IP address of Entry

Now the domain is pointing to its dedicated IP and everything works fine.

Now need to get SSL for this domain.

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