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Two days back, the cutenews program used at stoped working. I have installed this program two years back and was working fine so far.
The news URL of CuteNews program was not search engine friendly. So i was thinking of replacing the news script with some thing else.
After the CuteNews go down for some reason (it won’t show any news, just blank page), i started coding my own news system. I have finished it in two days. Presently there is not much function, just add news, list, edit and delete news.
The news program is made with search engine in mind, all news pages are search engine friendly.
You can see the news program at
I need to make some frills like recent news box, hot news and a news home page like popular news site. Now news site can only handle text, need to add feature for uploading images and manage it. Uploading image can be done easily, but  managing it, that is delete it when the news item get deleted, i have to find a way to do this.

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