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Windows 7 Sins

After going through ubuntu forum i found The site tells why you should not use windows.

Things i don’t like in Ubuntu 10.04

Ubuntu have two horizontal tool bar, not just in 10.04, it used to be in all previous versions. It waste vertical space in monitor. Windows done it perfectly with one horizontal task bar having everything. Why Ubuntu waste screen space

Twitter Tools plugin for wordpress blog

Today i instaleld Twitter Tools plugin for this blog. After instllation, you need to go to configuration page of Twitter Tools, then provide your twiter login user name and passwod, Twitter Tools will test your account, then you need to

Google not to support old browsers

Google is taking bold step towards ending usage of old browsers by supporting only latest browsers for their web sites. Good move as it will make users using old browsers upgrade to latest, will make web sites displayed more consistently

What Facebook Is For

Funny video explains use of facebook


Found Open Source Flash player using adobe osmf at Making FLV players with osmf is easy with video tutorial by R Blank But making a UI is difficult task for many flash newbies. I was thinking that adobe

Google Public DNS

Google started Public DNS service like OpenDNS. Google Public DNS server IP address are You can use google dns for resolving name servers by editing resolv.conf vi /etc/resolv.conf add nameserver nameserver For more information on Google

New house

Brought house in ekm.