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Some months back i purchased NaturalReader, but i don’t like the software. It take much more memory than TextAloud. Before purchase sales told FireFox tool bar work, after purchase i found Naturalreaders firefox toolbar is not working. Contacting sales told me to use old version of firefox (good solution).

Still NaturalReaders purchase was worth the money spend as you get two natural voices with it. NeoSpeech Kate and NeoSpeech Paul. I like these voices more than that provided with TextAloud.

As for TTS software i like TextAloud, i just want to upgrade to FireFox 4, so i checked if TextAloud support it, i installed FireFox 4 beta and TextAloud 3, it worked perfectly. So i purchased TextAloud 3.

FireFox toolbar in TextAloud 3 is ok, i feel like TextAloud 2 firefox toolbar is much better. Hope they will improve that. I posted some suggestion on TextAloud 3 Support forum.

If any one planing to purchase TextAloud, use following link, you will get $10 discount. If you already on shopping cart, you don’t get discount, may be clearing cookie or using a different browser will help.

Get get $10 discount on TextAloud Purchase

If you want information about Text to Speech software on Windows and Linux, check

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