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Youtube Server Configuration

Today i was reading a lot on how to web server scalability, mostly due to my lighttpd web server is above load level 1 most of the time. I found an interesting video that talks about youtube server setup and

Clone High- Makeover!

Good clone video

Pakistan ISP PCCW caused downtime for YouTube

The government in Islamabad told internet service providers (ISPs) on Friday that the video shating website was off limits to nationals due to content deemed to be offensive to Islam. The authority has not specified what the offending material was,

Copyright for copied video

A filmmaker named Christopher Knight created an ad video and viacom liked the video and showed in their show. Christopher Knight take it as a recognition and posted a copy of it on Youtube. Viacom issues a cease and desist

Installing ffmpeg on shared host have a good post on installing youtube clone requirements (ffmpeg, mencoder, etc…) on shared host with SSH access like dreamhost. To get it working properly, you need to set some envirnment variables and add some extra lines to your

Japan Too, YouTube?

YouTube, the booming American Web site where surfers share short videos, is taking off in Japan, too. The number of Japanese visitors per month has more than quadrupled to 6.4 million since February, an unprecedented success for an English-language Web

Helio introduces direct YouTube video upload for users

Helio, a mobile brand and joint venture between wireless carrier SK Telecom and ISP EarthLink, has introduced the ability to upload video recorded with Helio devices to an account with online video sharing site YouTube, with just two clicks. Helio

Yahoo!, AOL Veterans, Join Veoh Video Hosting Network Executive Team

San Diego, California – (The Hosting News) – July 30, 2007 – Internet Television firm, Veoh Networks, has appointed Yahoo! veteran, Steve Mitgang, as the company’s new Chief Executive Officer. In addition, has also named Jennifer Betka as Senior Vice

Google responds to Viacom’s YouTube suit…

NEW YORK – Google Inc. on Monday filed a response to Viacom Inc.’s copyright infringement lawsuit over Google’s massively popular video-sharing sharing site YouTube, arguing that the site’s activities are legal. Viacom had sued Google on March 13, claiming that

LG Handsets Get YouTube Services

LG Electronics has penned an agreement with popular video uploading Web site, YouTube, enabling its handset users direct access to YouTube services. As such, owners of LG handsets will now be able to view videos and easily upload them directly