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Helio introduces direct YouTube video upload for users

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Helio, a mobile brand and joint venture between wireless carrier SK Telecom and ISP EarthLink, has introduced the ability to upload video recorded with Helio devices to an account with online video sharing site YouTube, with just two clicks.

Helio said the capability is available on the Helio service and is free of charge for Helio All-In Members, providing an easier, quicker upload to YouTube. It confirmed that users can take video on their Helio device and then upload it via a high-speed 3G network to their YouTube account, for viewing by millions of other users, in two clicks.

Helio users must have a YouTube mobile profile in order to access the new feature, then reprogram their Helio Album media sharing service, select ‘Helio UP’ on their device screen after shooting the video and then select ‘Post’.

The two companies confirmed that they have worked together to optimise YouTube for mobile on Helio, enabling members to share experiences with friends, family and the wider YouTube community. Helio device users can browse, search and view thousands of YouTube videos using the 3G network and the full YouTube catalogue is expected to be made available this autumn.

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