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Cleaning MailEnable Mail Que

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MailEnable is one of the popular Email Servers for Windows. This is widely used with Windows Server as HELM control panel support it and MailEnable Standard is Free.
MailEnable Standard do not come with a Web Mail program. You have to use some Free POP3 Email Reading script for webmail. Many use UebiMiau! Mail available at
Also MailEnable Standard do not allow email virus filtering. MailEnable professional cost $199, allow integration of many popular Antivirus softwares and have built in WebMail.
Running a shared Windows Hosting server, some times, users will SPAM the server or they get too many SPAM or bounced emails and you may need to clear email Que. If its too big, you can’t do it with MailEnable interface or through Windows Explorer (Explorer hangs as too many files in the folder), so only solution will be Command Prompt.
I have written a simple batch file to delete mails in Que. To use it, just create a fine with name “del_mail_q.cmd” and paste following content. Double click the file to clean MailEnable Mail Que.
net stop mesmtpcs
del “c:Program FilesMail EnableQueuesSMTPOutgoing*.mai”
del “c:Program FilesMail EnableQueuesSMTPOutgoingmessages*.mai”
net start mesmtpcs

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