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Creating Favicon with Adobe Photoshop

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Today i have replaced faviocon for web sites

This is done with Photo Shop 7, by default photoshop won’t allow you to save files in .ico format.

You can work with .ICO format if you install plug in from

This is availble free of cost, so there is no need to buy or download another program to work with icon files. Also it is only 16 kb file.

Favicon.ico are files with 16 * 16 pixel size.

To create my favicon.ico file, i started with a 100 * 100 pixel new file from photoshop.

My Favicon is very simple, i just filled RED on the 100 * 100 pixel canvas, then using text tool, typed in “F” and changed it color to WHITE.

Now artwork is ready, time to convert it to favicon.ico

First change the image size to 16 * 16 pixels.

Then select save from photoshop file menu, now you have .ico option in the format list. Name it favicon.ico and upload it to your web site.

Use following code in your HTML pages inside

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