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Today is some thing special.

Yesterday Page rank of was ZERO. Today it got a Page Rank of 6.

I registered one year back, i put some place holder page on it. When start offering free web hosting, i thought it will be better to use this domain insted of a sub domain like as this domain have no use now, let it get some publicity too…

So i started free web hosting with the domain later found a better domain for free web hosting, better suited for domain sales and not a free web hosting site.

By this time got some popularity and a PR of 5. So i can’t shut it down. So i descided to keep both and for Free Web Hosting.

But google never liked this… PR of stayed ZERO all the time. I waited months, but it never changed. I think it even take months to get listed on google. Many of my sites get listed in google with weeks or even days.

Yesterday i removed index.php file from and put a 301 Redirect to

I thought i will be losting my PR 5 of by doing this. But today i got a PR 6 for

header(“HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently”);

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