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Error – Mail Server Upgrade in Progress

Today i restored a Cpanel Server after OS reload.

Copying files from OLD HD to New HD take several hours, the work started at 11 PM and i have got the server up and running by 5 AM. All web sites, PHP, MySQL (web part) got working well.

The old cpanel was using mbox format for storing mails and new cpanel use maildir format. So i need to convert old mails to new format. This is done by running the command


After running this, i run /scripts/eximup –force

But server is not accepting mails. I checked maillog and found.

2007-04-11 01:58:26 1HbWmf-0002TO-UO == R=temp_defer defer (-1): Mail Server Upgrade in Progress. Message Queued.

The problem is fixed by

1. Delete the file /usr/local/cpanel/etc/exim/cf/fail_remote_domains

rm -f /usr/local/cpanel/etc/exim/cf/fail_remote_domains

2. Now remove following lines from /etc/exim.conf.buildtest

driver = redirect
data = :defer: Mail Server Upgrade in Progress. Message Queued.
verify = false

3. Upgrade exim with

/scripts/eximup –force

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