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Enable monitoring of service on Cpanel Server

To enable monitoring of all services on Cpanel Server, run Example root@server20 [~]# whmapi1 enable_monitor_all_enabled_services — data: services: – monitored: 1 service: mysql metadata: command: enable_monitor_all_enabled_services reason: OK result: 1 version: 1 root@server20 [~]# See also tailwatch, cpanel server

TailWatch – Monitor Services in Cpanel Server

TailWatch is a service that monitors log files for errors in Cpanel Servers. TailWatch also monitors following cpanel modules chkservd cpbandwd eximstats jailmanager modseclog recentauthedmailiptracker chkservd chkservd determines whether a process is online and whether to restart it. Config files

Cpanel webmail down, cpanel_php_fpm keep failing

On a cpanel server webmail is down and keep getting email from cpanel server saying cpanel_php_fpm failed. On checking cpanel php-fpm log, have following error Problem is fixed by editing file Add Now restart php-fpm service

Building Packages For EasyApache 4!

EasyApache 4 on cpanel servers provide rpm based packages for Apache web server and PHP. EasyApache 3 used to build Apache and PHP from source. This is a time consuming process. Easy update/build process take anywhere between 20 to 30

Fix SSH in Cpanel Server with WHM root Access

If you have root WHM access on your Cpanel server and SSH is not working for any reason even after you reset via WHM, you can load SSD with default config. To do this, login to WHM as user root

open3: exec of ipset flush failed at csf

On CentOS 7 (CloudLinux 7) Server starting csf firewall got following error I checked if command /usr/sbin/ipset exists, but was not found. So checked which package provide this command. Problem is fixed by installing package ipset with yum


Enable AWStats “Update Now” Button in cPanel

AWstats (Advanced Web Statistics) is a free powerful tool to track visitors on your website. AWstats provide useful information like unique visitors on your website, visits per visitor, pages per visit, hits per visit and KB per visit. Using AWstats

Cpanel MySQL server offline DBCACHE

On Cpanel Server with MariaDB, cpanel shows error “The MySQL server is currently offline. The adminbin “cpmysql” in the “Cpanel” namespace call to function “DBCACHE” ended prematurely: The subprocess reported the “” (255) error when it ended.” The error only

Cpanel Added 2 Factor Authentication

Cpanel have implemented 2 Factor authentication for Cpanel and WHM. This is not enabled by default as some of the plugins and third party programs that integrate with Cpanel via API have not yet updated to work with this and

EasyApache 4 talk sides from Dallas cPanel Conference

EasyApache 4 is available in Cpanel servers to install and manage Apache and PHP. EasyApache 3 used to compile Apache/PHP from source. This is time consuming process. With EasyApache 4, Apache and PHP installed with yum. Some of the features