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How to change cPanel style

We have an option available in cPanel to change the default user interface. To do is, login to your cPanel Control Panel. In the PREFERENCES section, click ‘Change Style.’ menu. Click on the ‘Apply‘ icon directly on top right corner

How to add a phpinfo file in your site to check PHP information

This article describes about creating a phpinfo.php file on your site. You can use a phpinfo() page to view the current PHP information for your server such as: Information about PHP compilation options and extensions PHP version Server information and

How to Hide Bind Version

To view bind version, run command It shows bind version 9.9.4-RedHat-9.9.4-51.el7 To hide bind version, edit named.conf You need to add Inside your options block. Now restart bind Verify bind version changed with command

Install Memcached On Cpanel Server

Memcached is a object cache available from To install memcached on cpanel server, login to SSH as user root, run Enable memcached start on boot with Start memcached with Enable memcached PHP module For PHP applications to use memcached,

Enable LetsEncrypt On Cpanel Server

LetsEncrypt is a FreeSSL provider. To enable LetsEncrypt on Cpanel Dedicated Server, login to SSH as user root and run Next login to WHM as user root, go to Home > SSL/TLS > Manage AutoSSL and select “Let’s Encrypt™” as

Cpanel SSL A fatal error or timeout occurred while processing this directive

On a Cpanel Server, Clicking on Manage SSL sites I get error A fatal error or timeout occurred while processing this directive When checking the Cpanel error logs at Got following error [2017-07-29 09:57:24 +0000] die [Internal Death while parsing

Install Cpanel DNS Only Server

Before installing cpanel dns only, you need to update the server and install some software that maybe useful Now install Cpanel DNS Only Server with This may take some time to finish. Once install finished, login to http://your-server-ip:2086 See cpanel

Switching Web Server to LiteSpeed on Cpanel Server

To set LiteSpeed as default web server on Cpanel server, run To set Apache as default web server, run

Install LiteSpeed Web Server on Cpanel Server

Update LiteSpeed license key Switching Web Server to LiteSpeed on Cpanel Server LiteSpeed Web Server Commands LiteSpeed Web Server is a replacement for Apache web server. LiteSpeed Will Double Your Server Productivity And Reduce Your Additional Server Investment Cost

Install JetBackup on Cpanel Server

To install Jetbackup on Cpanel, run Now login to WHM, you will see JetApps Click on JetApps, then JetBackup On next page, you have option to install JetBackup.