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Install Cpanel DNS Only Server

Before installing cpanel dns only, you need to update the server and install some software that maybe useful Now install Cpanel DNS Only Server with This may take some time to finish. Once install finished, login to http://your-server-ip:2086

Switching Web Server to LiteSpeed on Cpanel Server

To set LiteSpeed as default web server on Cpanel server, run To set Apache as default web server, run

Install LiteSpeed Web Server on Cpanel Server

LiteSpeed Web Server is a replacement for Apache web server. LiteSpeed Will Double Your Server Productivity And Reduce Your Additional Server Investment Cost To install LiteSpeed Web Server on Cpanel Server, run If you have serial number, you can

Install JetBackup on Cpanel Server

To install Jetbackup on Cpanel, run Now login to WHM, you will see JetApps Click on JetApps, then JetBackup On next page, you have option to install JetBackup.

ModSecurity Web Application Firewall

ModSecurity is a web application firewall that protect sites from application level attacks and exploits. To enable ModSecurity in Cpanel Server, go to Home > Security Center > ModSecurity™ Vendors Click “Add Vendor”. On Next Page enter url [/code

Installing Softaculous

Before you can install Softaculous, you need to enable ioncube loader for PHP. This can be done in WHM (root) > Server Configuration > Tweak Settings > PHP. Select ioncube check box for cPanel PHP loader and click save button.

Managing CageFS with cagefsctl

To enable CageFS for a user, run

Get access to Cpanel/WHM using whmapi1

whmapi1 is a command line tool in cpanel server, that can be used for many WHM API call. To get WHM access to an account using root SSH, run Getting Cpanel Access from root SSH Replace USERNAME with your user

Enable monitoring of service on Cpanel Server

To enable monitoring of all services on Cpanel Server, run Example root@server20 [~]# whmapi1 enable_monitor_all_enabled_services — data: services: – monitored: 1 service: mysql metadata: command: enable_monitor_all_enabled_services reason: OK result: 1 version: 1 root@server20 [~]# See also tailwatch, cpanel server

TailWatch – Monitor Services in Cpanel Server

TailWatch is a service that monitors log files for errors in Cpanel Servers. TailWatch also monitors following cpanel modules chkservd cpbandwd eximstats jailmanager modseclog recentauthedmailiptracker chkservd chkservd determines whether a process is online and whether to restart it. Config files