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How to use the IP Blocker in cPanel

To block an IP address or domain using the IP Blocker, follow these steps: In the Security section of the cPanel home screen, click IP Blocker. Enter an IP address or range you would like to block, then click “Add”.

How to create additional FTP accounts in cPanel

To create a additional FTP account, you should follow these steps – Log in to your cPanel. Then click FTP Accounts icon. In the Add FTP Account section, fill in the fields as needed. Click the Create FTP Account button.

How to create an Email Filter in Webmail

This tutorial will show you how to create an Email Filter in Webmail. This is userful for cPanel Hosting Clients who uses Webmail. Email filters allow you to perform a specific task such as sending a particular emails with specific

How to Backup MySQL Database in cPanel

In this article I’m showing you how easy is to download a database backup of your MySQL database from within cPanel. First login to your cPanel control panel and click Backups. Under Download a MySQL Database Backup, click the name

How to suspend an Email Account in cPanel

Earlier, when a cPanel hosting account or email is compromised and sending out spam emails, the system administrator or reseller are forced to suspended the entire hosting account instead of the affected email user. But now cPanel provides us an

How to change your Email quota in cPanel

cPanel provides you an option to change quota of your Email Account. For doing this, login to your cPanel Under Email section, click on the Email Accounts button. This will open Email Accounts page. Then Click “Disk and Quota” for

How to show hidden files (.htaccess) in cPanel File Manager

Hidden file and folder names are start with a dot (.), For example: .htaccess .htpasswd .bashrc When using File Manager, you cannot see hidden files and folders unless we select the option to show hidden files. 1. Log in to

How to Change your cPanel Password

Changing password is an important step for securing your website. Many people use 123456 as their password and there is chance to get hacked easily. cPanel provides a Password Generator feature to generates secure passwords, which are difficult for malicious

How to Download a Full Backup In cPanel.

Today i’m going to explain how to do a Full cPanel Backup of your website. Taking backup in regular interval is a necessary step for all website owners. Before making any important changes to your website, it’s best practice to

How to add a MX Record in cPanel using DNS Zone Editor?

Log in to the your cPanel. In the “Domains” section, click on the “Zone Editor” Icon. Select the domain where you need to change the MX records and then click on +MX Record. Enter the Priority and Destination settings into