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Fixing Bind RNDC errors in Cpanel Server

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RNDC (rndc) is the control program of BIND (name servers).

In many new Cpanel/WHM installation you will see BIND not getting started at boot time and not even with

service named start

You can correct the problem with

# cd /scripts
# ./updatenow
# ./fixndc

This will fix most of the RNDC errors. IF it won’t fix the problem, it may be some thing related to BIND configuration. To fix it

1. Login to your dedicated server as root via ssh.

2. Edit /etc/rndc.conf
vi /etc/rndc.conf
Search for “rndc-key” and replace it with “rndckey”

3. Edit /etc/named.conf
vi /etc/named.conf
Search for “rndc-key” and replace it with “rndckey”

4. Now run /scripts/fixnamed

# /scripts/fixnamed

5. Run /scripts/fixndc

# /scripts/fixndc

Now BAND will work properly.

service named stop
service named start

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