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FlashWebHost Vs HostOnNet

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Both and registered on same day.

Creation Date: 01-nov-2001

Creation Date: 01-nov-2001

We started web hosting in 2001 as offering cheap web hosting to customers in India. At the time we started there was only one other hosting provider that used to provide similar price.

Later we started HostOnNet, that offered reseller hosting, ffmpeg hosting (Special hosting for Video Sharing Scripts like vShare, ClipShare, VidShare, etc…). Most of the sales on HostOnNet were from international customers.

Few years ago we changed company name to HostOnNet. Still many of our old customers know us only as FlashWebHost, they keep visiting old site, some even get confused when we say “HostOnNet”. Since both sites have different design, some may have even get confused and closed browser as they are on a site they never intended to visit.

We are thinking of combining 2 sites. With GeoIP, we can switch price depending on visitors country. That we already implemented on HON. This way visitors don’t get confused with 2 different domains, they don’t have to remember 2 web site URLs.

I created a Poll, please vote and help us decide which domain we should make primary and redirect other.

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