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Forget GPS . Smart Shoes Tell You Where To Turn

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As wearable technology is touching new heights, the next big thing in the market isn’t from anywhere else but India. An Indian startup viz. Ducere Technologies Pvt. Ltd.has created sneakers and insoles that pair with an app and Google Maps to help you get from one place to another. Both the shoes and insoles are connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. All you need to do is input a destination on the app and then as you walk around, either your left or right shoe will vibrate indicating you to turn.


Ducere originally designed these shoes to help blind people navigate in a smarter way along with walking canes. Thus, they are aptly named as “Lechal” meaning ‘take me along’ in Hindi. Later, as engineers began developing the shoes, it became quiet clear it could have uses for the massed blessed with vision as well. For every pair of footwear sold, Ducere decided to subsidise another pair to someone who is visually impaired.

Features of Lechal Footwear

  • Lechal are smart, interactive haptic footwear
  • Once you’ve entered your location, the shoes take over, no more interaction with your phone is inecessary
  • The app is compatible with iPhone, Android and Windows phones
  • You may use the in soles with your other shoes and they would work in the same manner
  • Lechal footwear alerts you if your phone is not in close proximity
  • You can customise vibration intensity, notifications alerts etc. according to your requirement
    While travelling to a new place the Lechal app will notify you of the landmarks near you

For more information,visit their Website :

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