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Bootstrap and Android LOVER.

I’ve been creating things for the web for over 10 years, from the period of flash and table based layout web sites till mobile and tab friendly web sites.

Protected: WordPress error – couldn’t create child process

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How to fix File for preset ‘hq’ not found error

After the successfull Youtube Clone Requirement installation for a client, uploaded a test video and got a convert error. So verified following convert command on the server and got “File for preset ‘hq’ not found” Searched with the error ‘File

How do i fixed ‘Executing in an invalid environment for the supplied user’ error

One of the WordPress website hosted in our linux shared hosting was suspended due to payment pending. We activated the website after he paid. But when access the website its redirected to and showing We have tried the following

Error we got while doing the ffmpeg installation on CentOS 7

I used the following command to install x264 and x264 is used to encode video files in mp4, m4v, h.264 (HD) output format. and I got the following error We tried with different versions Here is the

OpenCart script and plugin installation service for new client

Yesterday got an OpenCart script + plugin installation request to our installaton department.He requested us to install Opencart Version because the plugin The ONE POS will not work with latest version. OpenCart installation was very easy but got errors

ClipBucket Requirements and Installation in Centos Server

Two days before Annie successfully installed YouTube Clone Requirements for our new client. He contacted me through and this website we created in the year 2013 for providing ffmpeg installation and ffmpeg Webhosting. Today I got another e-mail from

Restore wordpress from backup without phpMyAdmin in MariaDB

Today I restored backup of wordpress to another website. Here I am sharing the steps of how I completed the wordpress restore process. First I created Database in MariaDB. You’ll see this output confirming it was created. To see the

Digital Staffing Services Website Design

Digital Staffing Services is a leading technology staffing provider for onsite project consulting in the Digital industry. Launched by a team of industry professionals, it is headquartered in the heart of the Silicon Valley, San Jose, California. Digital Staffing Services

Windows could not start the Apache2 on Local Computer

Some of the local sites on my pc is not working. When i tried to access, its showing like Unable to connect Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at The site could be temporarily unavailable or too

How to fix XOOPS script ‘WARNING and file permission’ error

Just installed XOOPS (web content management system script) in client website for $10.00 as part of our script installation service. After the successfull installation, I logged in the admin area. But there was the following errors WARNING: Folder ‘/home/username/public_html/xoops_lib is