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FreeBSD 5.3 Server Setup – Apache Install

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On Wednesday, March 30, 2005 11:42 PM i got root login info on new FreeBSD 5.3 server.

AMD 3000+/1GB/80GB
BW: 1000GB
OS: FreeBSD 5.3
Port: 10Mbps Port

First problem i faced is i could not SSH to the new server. When i connect the server with putty, it ask login and then password. Once i give password, it will disconnect me instantly, it won’t say anything why it disconnected me.

Next i try to login to new FreeBSD box from another server. That worked fine, not sure why i am not able to SSH from my local PC. I tried to SSH from all other servers (Linux and Windows) and it all worked well. But now allowing me to login from my local pc. May be the new server only like servers and not a home pc.

Since this is the first FreeBSD server, i could not start like other servers. I started installing next day around 10 AM.

Started with Apache 2 from port collection

cd /usr/ports/www/apache2
make install clean

Got Apache 2 installed on new FreeBSD. Port will download required files and install it. It is easier than Linux installation, where you have to download Apache, un compress, configure, make and make install. Still i don’t feel its any great advantage as we are not going to install Apache everyday. Also getting new Apache source from Apache, you get new version, with FreeBSD you need to wait for port developer to port new version of Apache to FreeBSD port.

To start/stop Apache on FreeBSD, you have to use /usr/local/sbin/apachectl start|stop|restart etc… I feel like i miss the Linux service httpd start|stop|restart and thinking why FreeBSD won’t implement such a thing, after all Apache is a service.

In FreeBSD, Apache configuration file is located in


Apache is started with start-up script installed at


This is a normal shell script, ending with .sh, it require permission 751 to run.

I finished installing Apache, MySQL and PHP by end of the day.

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