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New Server AMD 3000 BARTON Self Managed Server

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After few days of hard work with free hosting server, that getting dead slow at times due to high traffic and server load (mysql and httpd using too much cpu and memory), yesterday (28 March 2005 2.15 PM) i order new dedicated server for hosting the remotely hosted free phpbb forums of

Now forums are hosted on the server used to provide free hosting to members. Last few week, the server was overloaded and sites on the server was dead slow at times. So we are getting new server and moving forums to new server. So forums will not affected by abuse of free hosting members 🙂

New server Configuration:

• AMD 3000+ Barton
• 80GB IDE Hard Drive
• 1024MB RAM
• Bandwidth: 1000GB
• IP Addresses: 8 (5 usable)
• Private VLAN
• Number Of Servers: 1
• Basic Resource Monitoring
• FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Linux, Windows*
• 100% Self Managed and Dedicated

On 28 March 2005 9.33 PM, i got confirmation from data center regarding the new server order, it told new server will be ready in 72 hours.

We have received the following order: Thank-you.

Server: #2 AMD 3000+/1GB/80GB
BW: 1000GB
OS: FreeBSD 5.3
Port: 10Mbps Port

Your server will be provisioned, installed and setup within 72 hours of
your order. The majority of our servers are deployed within this time
although depending on the configuration of the server and the current work
load, the deployment may take a little longer. The 72 hour time frame is
not a guarantee. Non payment of the first invoice will delay the deployment
of your server. If the first invoice is not paid within 5 days of the order
date, the server will not be deployed and the order will be cancelled.

Your account information will be entered into the billing system shortly.
Once it is entered, you will receive an invoice for the first month of
service. We will automatically adjust your renewal date for one month and 3
days later to account for the set up time of the server. Example…if you
order on the 10th of the month, your initial invoice is due on the 10th.
You renewal date would then become the 13th of the month starting with the
following month.

Once the server is deployed by our NOC team, you will receive a welcome
e-mail that will provide you with your login details along with all of our
support/ticketing system resources, contact numbers and additional client

Please note that we require a 7 day notice PRIOR to your renewal date for
cancellation of the server. If you do not cancel prior to the required 7
day time frame, you will be billed and responsible for the next invoice.
Further, any invoice that is past due will cause all servers associated with
that account will be subject to suspension.

Again we thank you for your dedicated hosting business and we look forward
to providing excellent service to you.

If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact me

This server i descided to go for FreeBSD 5.3 as the OS. All other servers are on various distro’s of Linux. Linux Vs FreeBSD, lot of people says FreeBSD is better, but its told new Linux kernal v2.6 is better than FreeBSD. Anyway i want to try FreeBSD on my server and see how it works.

I do have local FreeBSD installed on VM Ware, I don’t think managing it will be difficult for anyone who can handle Linux and have a mind to study new OS.

After ordering FreeBSD server, i formated one of my PC, installed FreeBSD on that. Installation was quick, i used auto slicing, etc… everything auto default (i lost windows already on the pc, but i don’t have no data on that, so its not a problem.) But i could not get XWindow start on that PC. I got only console login, i will be trying to get X Working, so i can keep that PC with FreeBSD installed, so i can do some testing on local if required and others can work on that too. I can’t use Linux or FreeBSD on my Desktop, i tryed it, but missing Windows a lot. Now i use Windows on desktop, Fedora running in VMware, mounted as Z Drive in Windows.

Need to study few things like Configuring Apache (Add modules, etc.. not editing httpd.conf, that is same as linux) once i install Apache from FreeBSD port.

FreeBSD on my local pc is much faster to boot. I feel like its light weight OS. Hope it will be the same in server too.

So waiting for root login on new server from DC.

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