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Godaddy SSL Certificate Not working on FireFox

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Godaddy SSL Certificate was installed for a web site hosted on Windows 2003 Server.

It worked fine on Internet Explorer and Opera. But it says the Certificate in Not trusted when you enter the site with FireFox.

The problem was Intermediate & Root Certificates of the SSL Provider was not available in the server. This can be downloaded from

To correct the problem, do following steps

From the Start menu, select Run. Enter ‘mmc’.

Under the File menu, choose Add/Remove Snap in.

Go to Add, then from the Add Standalone Snap-in panel choose Certificates, and click Add.

Choose Computer Account and click Finish.

Close the snap-in panel, clicking OK.

This should return you to the MMC.

Before users’ browsers will trust your certificate, you must install the Root and Intermediate Certificates.

Begin by right-clicking the Trusted Root Certification Authorities folder. Choose All Tasks, then choose Import. This opens the Certificate Import Wizard – Click Next.

Browse for the Root Certificate you saved and choose Next. You can download Root Certificate from

Click all default settings and complete the Import Wizard.

Next, right-click the Intermediate Certification Authorities folder, and go to the Import Wizard again. This time browse for the Intermediate Certificate.

Download it from

Click all default settings and complete the import Wizard.

Now go to

Star > Run > inetmgr > COMPUTERNAME > Web Sites > Yourdomain

Right click the domain and select Stop, then Start it.

Now the SSL will work with FireFox too

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