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How to Remote Wipe your Android Phone When It Is Stolen

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Here are a few ways to remotely wipe your android phone when it is stolen.

1. Where’s My Droid


Where’s My Droid is a commonly talked about Android security application. Many times it’s referred to in articles talking about how to recover your device. In many cases, the option to remote wipe your Android is only briefly mentioned. However, if your device is truly lost or stolen, wiping the information is something you really want to do. The stuff on your phone may be synced with web applications like Google or many times your SD card has sensitive information on it such as pictures or items downloaded. Where’s My Droid gives the option to wipe the information from the SD card.

Using Where’s My Droid to remote wipe your Android is pretty easy. You actually have two options, with the first one being to send a text message. The second is using the online Commander. Because Where’s My Droid is a common application, it’s a good idea to change the secret code you need to send to your device to wipe it. This way there won’t be any accidental deletion of your information.

2. Lookout Mobile


Lookout Mobile is another security application that offers remote deletion as an option in the Pro version. What’s nice about Lookout Mobile is that they offer a backup and restore feature. Using the backup can give you the peace of mind knowing your basic information is safe. You have the choice to download your information to your computer or restore it to a new device.

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